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Multi Vitamin?

Posted on 10-29-2012

I encourage the daily use of a multivitamin. This is more for prevention and topping off the nutritional stores in the body. One should not rely on the nutrients in a multi vitamin to meet the needs o...

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A Root of Sickness?

Posted on 03-09-2012

Being in the Wellness Industry, I lean on the premise that the body is a self healing organism. If the body is self healing where does that power come from? When the body receives that ability, how is...

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Posted on 09-02-2011

There are different opinions about this topic. The goal is to heal and we heal by getting blood flow to carry nutrients to the injury and then have the blood carry waste or debris away from the injury...


The Body's ability to heal!

Posted on 03-23-2011

A foundational premise I function under is the body's amazing ability to heal itself. With that said there is the component of time that needs to factored in. Conservative or alternative care like chi...



Posted on 03-09-2011

Vaccinations are a touchy subject! I am greatful to have moved beyond the desire to have people agree with my views, to a place of education. I simply want individuals and parents to know or have the ...


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